Saudi Arabia in Universitas 21 world ranking

Universitas 21 has released the U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems 2015, the fourth edition of this publication that ranks 50 countries on the way they perform separately and overall in four areas (Resources, Environment, Connectivity and Output).

Besides the main ranking, an adjusted ranking is featured for the second year.  It examines how countries score on the same 25 measures when taking into account each country’s level of economic development measured in GDP per capita.

In the Output ranking (research and its impact, quality of the best institutions, and the production of an educated workforce which meets labour market needs), Saudi Arabia shows the largest increase, rising 11 places to 35.  The top three countries in the Output ranking are the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada; Denmark is fourth and Sweden and Switzerland are equal fifth.

The four leaders in Connectivity are all countries with relatively small populations: Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Denmark; the United Kingdom is ranked fifth.

The highest ranked countries for Resources are Denmark and Canada; Singapore is third, having risen six places since the 2014 rankings, followed by Sweden, Switzerland, Finland and the United States. The Czech Republic shows the greatest improvement over last year’s rankings.

The environment for higher education is judged to be best in the United States, Hong Kong SAR, Finland and the Netherlands.

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