EU funds for major Iraqi infrastructure projects

Trade Arabia posted on 28 December 2015 reporting the news of

Italy to fund major Iraqi infrastructure projects

Italy is set to provide a $2.72-million fund to a United Nations agency to support the stability of Iraq and boost its civil infrastructure, said a report.

The grant is a part of an Italian pledge of $7.63 million to support the activities of stabilisation, which have been expended recently in Salahuddin, Diyala, Nineveh and Anbar provinces, reported the, citing a UN statement.

The Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilization (FFIS) managed by UNDP aims to support rehabilitating civil infrastructure, launching of the local economy and boosting the government’s capacities as well as promoting community reconciliation in Iraq, the report stated.

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Iraq’s Major Infrastructure projects rebuilding

Power Plant
Power Plant

Throughout its long history, Iraq’s successive monarchies, republics and all have gradually created and maintained an extensive infrastructure system to provide essential services such as civil structures, water, power and communications.

The last three decades however of civil conflict, Iraq-Iran war of 1980 through 1988, US-led coalitions and wars of 1991 and 2003, together with the more recent civil unrest resulted in a sharp deterioration of all infrastructure both from direct impact as well as a certain inherent lack of maintenance.

As a result, the deterioration could be well equal to that of the13th century Mongols destruction of Baghdad’s infrastructure. More recently, while the Government of Iraq has focused on the restoration of infrastructure, it is felt lately that it is rather the weakness of the socio-political infrastructure that would be the major constraints to Iraq’s economic development.

In the recent and on-going development of the infrastructure in the relatively pacified land stretches of the country, challenges of a new genre started to surface. These could not be avoided as they make up the basic fundaments of large-scale jobs and only trade-off between the parameters of time, cost and specifications are possible.

As a result, Iraq’s infrastructure projects always tended to be either high quality therefore very expensive or relatively inexpensive thus low quality.

It is widely agreed that the funds sustaining such projects will have to go a long way in the dynamics of restoring and / or developing civil and all infrastructure, electricity grids, water facilities and public buildings, to say the least.




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