Renewable Energies Development in Algeria

Al Jazeera wrote on 7 December 2014: “The rise of shale has posed a rare challenge to Middle Eastern oil, culminating in a global oil price war and moving OPEC members to slash profits to retain market share. But at a time when OPEC’s hegemony over the oil markets has been challenged, let us not forget there is another abundant natural energy resource the Middle East possesses – the sun.”

Algerian Press Service  informs that :

“The National Programme of the Renewable Energies Development in Algeria [ms-protect-content] aims at improving the supply with electricity and boosting the national economy in all the fields, said the Minister of Energy Salah Khebri on Sunday in Adrar.

While inaugurating the 20 Megawatt Solar Plant in Adrar, Khebri added that this operation falls under the “preliminary programme targeting the production of 400 Megawatts nationwide, which a production of 343 megawatts will be exploited before the end of next March, including 53 megawatts will be devoted to Adrar.”

Another programme for the production of 20,000 Megawatts within 2030 has been approved last May by the government, recalled the minister, adding that a segment of 4,500 megawatts will be produced in 2020, with the prospect of improving power supply to ordinary customers and the economic operators and investors.

In the telling of Khebri, this programme is also expected to boost the partnership opportunities with the private operators and the micro-enterprises with which will entrusted the local production of equipments and materials of renewable energies, like the solar panels.

The 20 Megawatt Solar Plant, inaugurated Sunday by the Minister is built on a 40 ha land, situated at the west of the city of Adrar cost DZD3.8 billion. adds 268 MWp of solar power in 2015.”

On the same subject, here is an article by Mariyana Yaneva of seenews – renewables, expert in renewable energy.

Algeria adds 268 MWp of solar power in 2015

18 January 2016

Fourteen photovoltaic (PV) power plants with a combined capacity of 268 MWp have started operation in Algeria in 2015, the director of the centre for development of renewable energies CDER, Noureddine Yassa said.

Last year saw the Shariket Kahraba wa Taket Moutadjadida enterprise or SKTM, an affiliate of Algeria’s state-owned utility Sonelgaz, step up the development of the photovoltaic projects, Yassa noted.

The projects form part of Algeria’s programme for bringing online 400 MW of solar power in 20 parks, 13 of which are located in the Hauts Plateaux region, Yassa said.

The cost of all 14 projects was DZD 70 billion (USD 650m/EUR 600m). Each of them created 250 jobs during the construction and about 50 permanent jobs for the life-time operation and maintenance.

The solar power undertakings of SKTM are part of the first phase of the country’s goal of installing 4,500 MW of renewable power by 2020.

Other reading are in SolarServer .




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